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2020 - 2021 Season (Season 12)
2021 Jesters Show Pictures 2021 Jesters Playoff Bracket
2019 - 2020 Season (Season 11)
Well a new decade for the League started as strong as it could have with more students then we ever have only to be met the same way the rest of the world was met, with a complete COVID hault. With that being said, the league completed the whole season minus 1 week because the quarantining began. With aspirations of trying to host the playoffs, the League held out as long as they could before ultimately ending the possibility for playoffs in June of 2020. They still held an Award Ceremony in person crowning all of the awards winners they give out each year. This award ceremony did not disappoint just like every year. Did COVID change the world, absolutely. However, it did not stop the League's drive to help as many students as possible. We now know that COVID kept students out of school almost the complete following school year as well, but Jesters did progress into their 12th year regardless!
2020 Jesters Show Pictures 2020 Jesters Playoff Bracket
2018 - 2019 Season (Season 10)
The hype surrounding this season is what tells this story. The league put out anniversary videos weekly highlighting different aspects of the league's 10 year history. The season went off without a hitch. With the biggest playoff bracket in league history, it was met with upsets and controversy. However, Championship Day did not disappoint as the heavily favorited NWCTA faced off and lost to somewhat of a Cinderella team from Las Vegas Academy. Championship Day saw maybe other beautiful moments as well as 10 years of gratitude was given out, the league awards as normal, and a once in a life time All Decade MVP show took place where all of the MVP's from the past 10 years performed together. People were talking about the MVP show for months following Championship Day. If this is how cool 10 years looks... You better watch out year 11!
2019 Jesters Show Pictures 2019 Jesters Playoff Bracket
2017 - 2018 Season (Season 9)
Jesters has surpassed 500 Shows! Considering that a high school play at best may perform a production 8-12 times max, 500 has been quite the feat. This season started off with more anticipation as the league received a lot of media coverage and had other states calling to participate. A school from Ivins, Utah (2 hours away) decided to make the weekly commute and participated in the league. In story book fashion, Tuacahn ended up making it to the championship to take on the defending 2017 Champions Palo Verde. Unlike the prior season where nobody saw those 2 teams coming, everyone anticipated these 2 teams to compete in the Championship. In another beautiful, emotional, "Roman-like" Championship Day, Tuacahn took home the trophy to Utah. The 10th Anniversary is shaping up to be exciting as the league will already have more coaches than it has ever had.
2018 Jesters Show Pictures 2018 Jesters Playoff Bracket
2016 - 2017 Season (Season 8)
Over 400 students comprised this season's competitions. With the quality of performances being higher than they've ever been, this was a year full of surprises. 2 schools that fell under the radar all year ended up winning out in the playoffs and made it to arguably the best performed Championship show in Jesters History. Palo Verde won the trophy against Chaparral High School, but the real story behind the statistics here is that Palo Verde and Chaparral rehearsed TOGETHER for their Championship show. With hundreds in attendance, these 2 teams performed a better show than the Coaches and the All Star show prior. With that all being said, this was officially the first year with no Potty Mouth fouls called during the regular season. This was a banner year with playoff upsets and an award ceremony that left and audience in tears. Season 9 is expected to turn into another new chapter of Jesters.
2017 Jesters Show Pictures 2017 Jesters Playoff Bracket
2015 - 2016 Season (Season 7)
2015-2016 marked a lot of milestones in the High School Jesters League. They surpassed 250 Jesters shows and they had more than 20 teams. ECTA were in season favorites the year prior but found themselves winning the championship without even expecting it. They beat a brand new NWCTA team in very controversial fashion. ECTA won on the only mathematical tie a Championship has seen in the High School Jesters League. With a split judges decision, ECTA edged out NWCTA to take home the trophy. With only one student graduating as a senior from both ECTA and NWCTA combined, the 2016-2017 season leaves everyone anxious for the possibilities.
2016 Jesters Show Pictures 2016 Jesters Playoff Bracket
2014 - 2015 Season (Season 6)
2014-2015 was the first season the whole season was performed in the schools. All practices and shows were held at the individual schools and this may have been the first time a Cinderella team won the championship. LLFVA beat the season long favorites ECTA in the final 4. Desert Oasis had Cinderella-ed their way through the whole playoffs with great team work and just plain old hilarious shows. The season's MVP was apart of the LLFVA team as well as a very seasoned team which had a combined 5 years of Championship show experience. However, Desert Oasis bested them. DO performed an improv game of "6 Things" in this show that is still revered as the best game of 6 Things ever played in the league.
2015 Jesters Show Pictures
2013 - 2014 Season (Season 5)
The 2013-2014 High School Improv League took quite a transformation as it finally crossed over to the schools to today's current format. Sunrise Mountain High School hosted the first League Championship in the schools. This year was also exciting because this was the first year the Palo Verde team was completely graduated and the league Championship was entirely up for grabs. An under-story over the previous 2 seasons was a SECTA team that was building momentum. SECTA turned into a new form of the Palo Verde team as they beat Centennial High School to win their Championship in 2014. This was a SECTA team in their junior years, all in which had been performing in the league since they were freshman.
2014 Jesters Show Pictures
2012 - 2013 Season (Season 4)
The 4th year of the High School Improv League led to the biggest audience for their Championship Day they could have ever hoped for. With local celebrities coming out to judge the Championship show, Palo Verde did not disappoint as they captured their 3rd title in a row. With one half of the "Baby Boys" graduated and off to college, you imagine it would have been more difficult to win their 3rd title especially seeing how Samantha Elton yet again found herself and her team on the opposing side. However, the Palo Verde team won another Championship in which made this particular Palo team a High School League improv dynasty.
2013 Jesters Show Pictures
2011 - 2012 Season (Season 3)
The Jesters League takes yet another leap of growth and moved over to the Alexis Park Resort to help accommodate their size. This year in Jesters was exciting because it also was the same year Jest Serendipity led a city wide tournament for Charity which received a lot of press and recognition. Palo Verde High School being the reigning High School League Champions, and their general overall love for performing, they joined the city wide tournament. They were high school students performing against adults and lasted 4 rounds and made it to the final 4 in the entire city. They were proud of their accomplishments as they also returned to the High School Jesters League Championship for a rematch against Green Valley High School. Needless to say, they kept on their winning ways.
2010 - 2011 Season (Season 2)
The Jesters league from year 1 to year 2 was astronomically different. The amount of press the league received and the amount of interest immediately gave more life to Jesters. The league moved over to one of the most popular local theaters in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Little Theater. The Little Theater was so impressed by the league, they opened a new space to feature the students and league that is still open and functioning today. This year also marked the birth of the original "Baby Boys" from Palo Verde HS. From the first day of workshops, the Palo Verde team brought their desire to perform and showcased it every week. They defeated a Green Valley High School team with experience, which was the 1st of 3 consecutive championship wins by Palo Verde High School.
2009 - 2010 Season (Season 1)
On March 20th, 2010, Del Sol High School faced Green Valley High School in the first show ever in the High School Jesters League. Grandfathered by the improv company Jest Serendipity, Kopy created this High School Improv League. During it's first season over the course of the 2009-2010 school year, Jesters performed in a small theater off of East Tropicana Avenue that has since closed. Coincidentally, the 2 teams that faced each other in the very first show of the season faced each other in the championship as well. Del Sol defeated a large Green Valley team to become the first High School Jesters Champions. This championship was also significant because it featured 5 freshman performers out of a possible 8. This is a number that still has not been matched to this day. 2 of those 5 performers would perform all 4 years of their high school careers in the Jesters program and they both later made return appearances to the Championship show. Del Sol's win set the bar high for the improv league.
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